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Chiropracteur sur Luxembourg

Seven practitioners at the service of your health!

Chiropracteur sur Luxembourg

Welcome to the Back Up health center.

Seven qualified practitioners welcome you and support you according to your needs using specific techniques: chiropractic, massage therapy, energy treatments, sports coaching, food rebalancing...

These professionals share common values and have chosen to regroup within Back Up. Everyone is driven by the same desire: to put their experiences and skills into action to improve your daily health.

« With the practitioners of the Back Up center,
you act on your physical, biological and emotional balance,
3 keys to take care of your health. »

For everybody

Thoses techniques are diversified to adapt to everyone, based on their background.


  • Detect and treat early childbirth trauma
  • Optimize immune system development, digestion, sleep and growth


  • Relieve and prevent pregnancy pains
  • Support for the best positioning of the infant for delivery
  • Help to make the pregnancy period easier and more enjoyable

Kids and teenagers

  • Facilitate harmonious and balanced growth
  • Prevent scoliosis and other joint dysfunctions
  • Adopt good postural habits as soon as possible


  • Relieve and prevent musculoskeletal pain and disorders
  • Optimize joint capital by decreasing the degenerative process
  • Provide correct posture advice for office employees


  • Improve physical performance
  • Shorten recovery time and optimize healing process
  • Assist in preparation and prevent injury


  • Reduce age-related pains
  • Restore joint mobility
  • Prevent and slow down joint degeneration


By appointment only, on Gasperich.

  • Back Up Chiropraxie
    5b, rue François Hogenberg
    L-1735 Luxembourg

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