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Kanoknuch Upree (Fon) (TAI, EN)

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Kanoknuch Upree (Fon) (TAI, EN)

‘’Stress and muscle pain from work or activities.  Does it affect your daily life?  If you are looking for relief from stress and pain relief.  I as a massage therapist are happy to help you’ˆ

Massage has a good pain relief effect.  and is very popular nowadays  that's an easy way  Generally, massage has a soothing effect on muscle pain relief.  improves joint flexibility  and relieve muscle tightness  and stimulates blood circulation in specific areas as well Thai massage is a traditional Thai massage method.  The massaged person will be placed in different positions to loosen the muscles and joints.  The massage will help you feel more comfortable.

deep tissue massage  It is a massage that focuses on deep relaxation of muscles and tissues.  which is mainly used for massage to relieve muscle injuries  This type of massage technique requires a lot of force and is slowly massaged to relax the deep muscles.

hot stone massage  The massage therapist will place warm stones in different areas of the body along with massage such as acupuncture points to help the massaged person feel more relaxed.

Foot massage is one of the most popular activities that many people choose to use.  To relieve fatigue, pain and daily stress.  By massaging the feet, applying pressure to various points on the soles of the feet to allow blood to flow more easily.  A foot massage may improve overall health.  Because each point on the soles of the feet is linked to other organs within the body.

Neck, back, shoulder massage, muscle aches in the neck, back and  shoulders is a health problem that many people face today.  especially the working age group  This was caused by the daily routine, hard work, and the wrong working posture working in front of a computer screen for a long time  without changing posture  including stress  It results in neck, shoulder and shoulder muscle aches. If chronic symptoms may lead to further office syndrome, neck and shoulder massage is a good alternative to treating such symptoms.  to alleviate Oil massage is a massage that can stimulate our blood circulation system to flow easily.  because when the blood flows well  It will make us feel refreshed.  have glowing skin  It helps to relax muscles such as stretching, tight lines, can be solved.  In addition, oil massage can also help cure diseases as well.  Both diseases with back pain, leg pain, muscle pain in various joints

Sports massage is reported to have many beneficial effects in athletes. Sports massage can be used pre-performance, post-performance, during training, or for rehabilitation. From elite athletes to recreational exercisers, it is a popular choice. Learn more about what it is used for and which benefits are supported by research.


Neck – Back – Shoulders (45 min / 60min) 65 € / 80 €
65 € / 80 €
Foot massage (60 min) 80 € 80 €
Thai Traditional massage (60 min / 90 min) 80 € / 110 €
80 € / 110 €
Thai oil massage (60 min / 90 min) 80 € / 110 € 80 € / 110 €
Deep tissue massage (60 min / 90 min) 90 € / 120 €
95 € / 125 €
Sport massage (60 min / 90 min) 90 € / 130 € 95 € / 130 €
Hot Stone massage (90 min / 120 min) 120 € / 150 € 130 € / 160 €


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